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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:15 pm    Post subject: Rat Pfink A Boo Boo Full Movie Download

Rat Pfink A Boo Boo Full Movie Download

It starts off seriously enough, with three thugs robbing an innocent young woman at night in the city, but then switches to Vin Saxon and Carolyn Brandt doing a goofy Elvis-like rock 'n roll number (very charming though). The next day the thugs are bored. Picking a name at random out of the phone book, they decide to terrorize Carolyn Brandt. After some campy dramatic scenes, she is kidnapped by the goons. They decide to ransom her. After receiving the ransom call, Vin Saxon and the good-natured, but not- to-bright gardener sit around despondent, wondering what to do. "There's only one thing to do!" exclaims Vin. The two rush off into the next room and become the costumed heroes Rat Pfink and Boo Boo...
Cee Bee Beaumont, girlfriend of rock n' roll star Lonnie Lord, is kidnapped by the dastardly Chain Gang, forcing Lonnie to take action. He and his friend Titus Twimbly transform themselves into the masked marvels Rat Pfink & Boo Boo, the champions of down-trodden, harassed and just plain put-upon women and children everywhere. Unleashing their trusty metal steed The Ratcycle, the dynamic duo begin their search for Cee Bee, checking out go-go parties where rock n' roll-besotted youth dance the watusi. Narrowly escaping many dangers, Rat Pfink & Boo Boo defeat the Chain Gang and rescue Cee Bee, but their pleasure in a job well down is cut short when they are threatened by Kogar the Ape, who has escaped from a local zoo. After defeating the rampaging primate, the three are the celebrants at a parade held in their honor. "Rat Pfink a Boo Boo" is a Crime-Stoppers Textbook classic that proves that the American Way always triumphs over vice in the end.
Ray Dennis Steckler usually gets lumped together with Ed Wood in the pantheon of legendary 'bad directors'. That's unfortunate and unfair, because at his best Steckler is a talented and unique stylist. His best film, The Thrill Killers, is a taut melodrama set in the remote canyons of Los Angeles County, but for pure, unadulterated cinema nuttiness, Rat Pfink A Boo Boo is the one to see. It's a film of two parts: the first half is a heady blend of elements lifted from New York-lensed roughies such as The Defilers, Godard's Breathless, and every rock n roll movie of the late 50s, whilst the second half is a slapstick comedy influenced in equal measure by Batman and Beach Party. The film looks great: Steckler knows how to frame and light a shot, though he's less adept with action sequences, and the hyper-reality of the Los Angeles locations are effectively contrasted with the sur-reality of the comic sequences. It's also a well-paced 67 minutes, and Steckler effectively keeps your interest by constantly stirring new and unexpected ingredients into the pot. The cast are terrific: Carolyn Brandt is gorgeous as lady in distress Cee Bee Beaumont (who keeps a copy of The Autobiography of Malcolm X by her telephone!), Titus Moede does the best Royal Dano imitation you'll ever see as Titus/Boo Boo, and real-life rocker Ron Haydock makes for a convincing Lonnie Lord/Rat Pfink, who, we are told, has sold an astounding ten million records to his adoring fans. It's no one's idea of Great Cinema, but Rat Pfink A Boo Boo is a thoroughly enjoyable piece of outsider art.
So what do you do for a movie when you've got no script, no stars, and no money. First, you get a cast with tight pants and shoot them from the rear; then, you make sure everything and everybody stays in constant motion even if you get a headache; lastly, you throw in a spoof and hope it all comes out like camp. I'll say one thing for impresario Steckler--he knows how to wield a camera even if to no overall purpose. No, this isn't camp. It's more like a student film, with all the energy in the world, a pass to Griffith Park, and a 1940's gorilla suit. One thing for certain, Steckler's mania sure puts the 'motion' in motion picture. Too bad it left me with a headache, and a tug for poor Carolyn Brandt who gets one heckuva workout. Anyway, I think Steckler has proven something, I'm just not sure what.


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